Breaking Free

Divya Unny

Johanna Rodrigues is shattering stereotypes with her moves

That Singular Light from the Heavens…

The pathos and pleasures of living the dream

Infinite Passions

The many shades and shapes of love come alive in this exploration of Hinduism

Sonar Bangla to South Africa

There are football fans. And there are Bengal’s football fans. If you still need to know which of the two stretches the word ‘passion’ into extra time, you need an education.

The Mahabharat Retranslated

When a renowned free market economist takes to translating an entire epic from the original classical Sanskrit, his passion can only be marvelled at.

The Messi Fans of India

One of the most exciting footballers in the world, Lionel Messi, is an improbable Indian sweetheart

Being Charlie Chaplin

It was on a stolen trip to the cinema that he met his hero, Charlie Chaplin. And a chance encounter that got him the Cherry Blossom ad. So many years, so many gigs, yet he still isn’t done being Chaplin.

Three Men in a Theatre

The astonishing story of three young men who got addicted to Hollywood in the late 1940s and could not give it up as they slowly became old men and the world around them changed.


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