Rabba Hun Kee Kariye


Could it be that 62 years on, the scars of the Partition violence have still not healed because there is so little voluntary admission of guilt, so much glorified victimhood? Here’s a narrative finally that trains its gaze at the perpetrators.

It Was Neither Nehru Nor Jinnah

Neither had the power to set the agenda for the Partition. The blame lies squarely with the British empire and its representative at the time—Mountbatten.

The ‘If Only’ History of India

Jaswant Singh cites Gokhale to sell Jinnah as ‘an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity’. So, Hitler was a painter, right?

A State Gone to Seed

A collection of essays fails to shed new light on an old topic. The focus is on Pakistan, not on the great divide

Madras, Madras

A brilliant debut novel captures in fine detail the experiences of a Tamil Brahmin family on and off trains


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