Who by His Own Hand?

Sudeep Paul

A new book on the October 1973 Yom Kippur War provides an inadvertent insight into what went wrong for Israel on October 7, 2023

The Levant Erupts Again

Another violent turn in the long-standing objective of Hamas to capture Jerusalem

A Letter From Jerusalem

Israel is a country trapped between mutilated geography and hateful history

A Letter From Ramallah

When the knife becomes the preferred weapon of angry gods

Hate Wave from Gaza

The new wave of anti-Semitism is sustained by an ahistorical misreading of the origins of terror and the struggle for existence

Zionism as a Failed Project

The tricks used by Israel’s fans are both familiar and fallacious

1 Israeli for 1,027 Palestinians

The story of a war-torn world where that seems a fair exchange to both sides

Of Love and Loss

The extraordinary story of a Palestinian doctor from Gaza and his search for meaning in life. For his is a life few of us would be able to bear


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