The Pleasure and Pain of Old Age

Bhaichand Patel

It has given me time to write even as my body began to crumble

A Search for Moorings

Short stories about the human struggle to follow an ethical path

The Cruelty of Images

Could the assault of self-same images of suffering make us immune to their potency?

It’s Our Dignity-in-Death Moment

Why India must legalise Living Wills and remove the confusion over euthanasia and End Of Life Care

The Agony and the Idiocy

India’s sadistic restrictions on morphine

How Do Placebos Work?

New research adds to the mystery of why plain sugar pills should have such healing power

Confessions of a Physiotherapist

“Once, I was massaging the legs of a football player, and he started moaning as if pleasured. I told him to get lost”

Back in Trouble

How chairs, cars and computers are killing our backs. Open decodes the achy algebra of L5 to S5, the most troubled vertebrae in our lower spine.


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