The Great Indian Rope Trick

PR Ramesh

As the Opposition looks to replicate past triumphs, history will likely repeat, but not the way it expects

Ganging Up On Modi

A ragtag opposition front may turn out to be a blessing for the Prime Minister in 2019


An exchange of accusations and the rediscovery of a humble farmer

The Incompatibles United Against Modi. Really?

The noise apart, how united is the front against Modi?

Can Trump Be Dumped?

On the first anniversary of his presidency, speculation about the state of Donald Trump’s mental health is leading to some wishful thinking about the chances of removing him

Of Bullet Trains and Bullock Carts

From Coca-Cola to colour TV to computers, technological advances in India have always been resisted as anti-poor

India’s Crisis of Representation

The diminished role of the parliamentarian

Nitish Kumar: Breaking Free

The grand alliance of Bihar begins to unravel as Nitish Kumar loses patience with his wily partner

Ram Nath Kovind: First Person Singular

It is not his Dalit identity alone that makes Ram Nath Kovind an ideal presidential choice

All the President’s Mien

A brief history of the interface between the ceremonial and the political


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