The Workers’ Utopia

Madhavankutty Pillai

Unimplementable ideas to get Parliament to function

Fixated on Modi

The person they are unable to assess in an objective manner

Running Out of Ideas

A Congress in disarray has sharpened rivalries among Opposition parties while Modi is already in election mode

‘Narendra Modi is not responsible for the decline of the Opposition’

Rajnath Singh, Minister of Defence, in Open conversation with Rajeev Deshpande and PR Ramesh

The increasing impossibility of an anti-Modi coalition

Opposition unity remains elusive with Congress hurtling from crisis to crisis as old and potential allies grow more suspicious

Partisan Political Battles

Increasingly, competitive politics has been reduced to tweets and counter-tweets


Whataboutery being a first cousin of the new bothsidesism

India Deserves a Better Opposition

And Congress is perhaps best suited to serve the purpose

The Invisible Biryani

Yogi Adityanath replays culinary jibe at the opposition


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