Why It Is Still Modi

S Prasannarajan

For India’s choice, the days after June 4 are a prologue as well as a provocation

BJP’s “400-paar” Ambition

Once BJP was persuaded to drop that lofty goal, its critics now went for the kill

Dance of the Defectors

BJP isn’t taking them in to empty out the opposition. There’s a larger message

Force & Frailty

The Modi campaign is at full throttle while the Opposition shows no signs of catching up

Total Confidence in Modi

What Modi did emphasise was the Centre’s concerted efforts to connect the Northeast to the rest of India in every way. He cast the spotlight on Congress policies that stoked separatism and led to prolonged civilian distress by way of blockades and strikes

Tripping in Alliance Hall

And what Oppenheimer really said

Did Upset Nitish Spoil INDIA `Optics’?

Despite JD(U) denials Bihar CM’s early departure from the Bengaluru Opposition enclave fuels speculation

A Call to Arms

Can the grand alliance of the Opposition survive its inbuilt contradictions before taking on the ruling coalition led by Modi at his peak?

Opposition Meet Postponed

Because of absence of key Congress and other Opposition leaders

The Ninth Anniversary

It was significant since it coincided with the de facto beginning of the campaign for the General Election in 2024


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