Openomics 2021

Tailored for the Occasion

Kunal Sen

The Budget prioritises measures that will take the Indian economy out of its current tail-spin

Olá Goa

An allocation of Rs 300 crore to mark the 60th anniversary of the state’s liberation from the Portuguese is evidence of its outsized influence

The ABCD of Failure

From disease to defence, why this budget does not work

Go the Distance

More regulatory reforms instead of stimulus packages please

Investing in Trust

While the budget seeks to ease last year’s pain, it wants companies and individuals to discipline themselves too

Synergy at Last

The holistic budget combines health systems, water, sanitation, nutrition and air pollution

Out of the Pandemic

Putting healthcare centrestage is the first step in overhauling the system

The New Consensus

A blueprint for sustained growth

Farmer Friendly

Food subsidy and minimum support price data show the persistence of the government’s generosity

A Song for the Unsung

In doubling the allocation for MSMEs, the budget has recognised their potential in creating employment and boosting growth


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