Nitish Kumar

A Chief Minister Unmasked

Rahul Pandita

The Bathani Tola massacre and Nitish Kumar’s apathy

Who Is Secular in This Country?

Those who make religious distinctions or those who do not?

Editor-in-Chief of Bihar

How an image-fixated chief minister has bent the state’s media to his will

After Nitish, the Flood

In a scandal typical of Bihar, money was sanctioned to repair over a thousand kilometres of zamindari embankments that did not exist. Nobody knows where the funds went

Political Lessons from Bihar

Nitish’s victory has plenty for parties across the political spectrum to ponder.

No Modi, Agrees BJP

As the BJP surrenders to Nitish Kumar’s demand that Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi be kept away from Bihar’s electoral arena, the implications.

Ghost at the Banquet

Nitish Kumar’s outburst against an ad put out by his alliance partner in Bihar raises some questions. Is he play acting? Or is he about to sever ties with the BJP?

Fragile Alliances, Changing Equations

Nitish Kumar is all set to ditch the BJP after the Lok Sabha election


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