Nitish Kumar

Why Bihar matters so much for India – And Modi

Ullekh NP

An election that is as crucial for the convenient partnership of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad as it is for Narendra Modi

The Bihar CM’s Bizarre Equation

Marrying at 25 = less child malnutrition = long life

Shaky Hands

The alliance between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad is beset with contradictions. The anti-BJP camp in Bihar is hoping against hope that it will survive

The lost reformer of Pataliputra

Nitish Kumar rebuilt the state on the ruins of Lalu raj and allowed his hatred for Narendra Modi to cloud his political judgement. A cautionary tale of self-destruction.

The Don of Mokama

The rise of Anant Singh and the sham of Nitish Kumar’s clean politics

The Place You Keep Going Back To

Sankarshan Thakur’s biography of Nitish Kumar is also an intimate portrait of Bihar, a state you may be forced out of but cannot really ever leave

Daydreamers’ Club

Nitish Kumar’s efforts to cobble together a third front will likely go nowhere

Nitish set to junk BJP for 2014 polls

The continuing rise of Narendra Modi in the BJP is hampering Nitish’s calculations in Bihar

Nitish Must Make a Choice

In supporting Ramdev’s movement, he could be making a mistake his Lohiaite predecessors did—of strengthening those they claimed to oppose

A Chief Minister Unmasked

The Bathani Tola massacre and Nitish Kumar’s apathy


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