Nirmala Sitharaman

Making India Futureproof


What Budget 2021 offers from the top to the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid

The Union Budget 2021

Nirmala Sitharaman has shown that her heart is in the Right place

Waiting for the Stimulant

Vaccination and restoration of mobility can enable the government to undertake a fiscal stimulus without fear of wasting money

The Outlier State

The economic recovery has defied grim forecasts but there are enough reasons for cautious optimism

The Twin Engines of Revival

The government now has the resources and the manoeuvrability to spend its way out of the crisis

Breaking Free

A radical shift in India's economic evolution

Businesses Beat the Blues

How green shoots in the economy are for real as corporates embark on expansion spree

The Millennial Fix

Lower taxes mean more liquidity for the young and restless

The Limited Past

The number of allusions to ancient India in the Budget and Economic Survey notwithstanding, if you were not a king, there is really no question any Indian would much rather live in the present financial system


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