Nirmala Sitharaman

Mass Capital

PR Ramesh

How Narendra Modi has made PSUs lucrative

Fiscal deficit makes no difference to voters, but it shows our commitment to prudence, says Nirmala Sitharaman

After a demanding Budget Session in Parliament, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tells how the government’s fiscal responsibility and commitment to welfare and growth will strike a chord with the electorate

Ajit Pawar Stakes His Claim

Ajit Pawar left no one in doubt that the political fight with his uncle Sharad Pawar was for real

Maratha Knots

The promise of extending quotas to Kunbi-Marathas

Left’s Message to Congress

Left leaders are arguing that it is more important for the Congress leader to contest from northern India or even Karnataka, and that this would send an appropriate signal of political engagement

Modi Vs Pawar: Aggro Over Agri

Politics | Business | Entertainment

Digital Dividend

G20 members’ adoption of the Indian digital public infrastructure as a global template for developing nations is a big boost to Delhi’s stature

Where Has the Money Gone?

The inability to rationalise expenditure has created a crisis for states when revenues are otherwise buoyant

Welfare Without Populism

The Modi government resists economic appeasement even as Opposition-ruled states revel in it


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