Nirmala Sitharaman

A Vax “Boost” to Budget

Rajeev Deshpande

Landmark 75% vax coverage of eligible adults, moderate impact of Omicron helps Government's political math

Policy, Politics and More

The Economic Survey ticks the right boxes

Economy: The Restart

The economy is on the rebound—but a full recovery needs investment growth and people spending with confidence

Modi In the Marketplace

On February 10th, when Narendra Modi, in a first for an Indian Prime Minister, defended the private sector in parliament, it signalled the country’s readiness to embrace its wealth creators, ending a prolonged injustice

The ABCD of Failure

From disease to defence, why this budget does not work

Investing in Trust

While the budget seeks to ease last year’s pain, it wants companies and individuals to discipline themselves too

Because Small Is Big

There are many ways to oxygenate micro enterprises

A Song for the Unsung

In doubling the allocation for MSMEs, the budget has recognised their potential in creating employment and boosting growth

On Brewing a Budget

Haseeb Drabu taps his own experiences as a technocrat politician and minister to share a personalised take on making a budget


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