Filmy Patriotism

Madhavankutty Pillai

Mission Mangal, Batla House and the successful commercialisation of nationalism

India’s Adventure with Modi

Five fundamental shifts in politics and policies

Modi and the Other Idea of India

The mistake of conflating Hindutva 2.0 with the Sangh ideology

The Fall of Eden

The arc of India’s descent from Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi

Memes in Hope of Private Utopia

As his opposition remained entangled in useless wisecracks, Modi fused majority concerns with nationalism to create a winning cocktail

The National Spirit

Films in this election season capture the patriotic pulse

Modi’s Tryst With Militarism

The Balakot air strikes, which are paying electoral dividends now, were a result of Modi’s clear comprehension of public anger and a new nationalism forged after the Kargil War

Nationalism: Right on Time

Nationalism is back as a persuasive theme in this General Election

The Cult of Denial

What unites the doubting liberal and his nationalist nemesis

Mumbai Notebook

Hypernationalism, BMC on a record-breaking spree and the house of a fugitive


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