Mysore’s Allies

Ira Mukhoty

The French connection behind the painting that shows Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan defeating Company forces at the Battle of Pollilur

Everyone Loves a Loser

Why has Tipu Sultan become a faux saint, while his father Hyder Ali has been virtually erased from the memory of Karnataka Muslims?

Karnataka Elections 2018: Close Encounter

Karnataka 2018 could be BJP’s grand prelude to India 2019. Can Chief Minister Siddaramaiah contain the force?

Nothing Common About this Man

How RK Laxman, the creator of the Common Man, was nothing like the character he created

Firefly Season

The surest way to recharge your batteries is to go someplace they won’t work

Temple of the Aids Goddess

A unique prevention tactic in a remote Mysore village

Driving into Freedom

A Mysore-based social organisation helps rehabilitate victims of abuse as chauffeurs, yoga instructors and corporate professionals.

The Legend of Talkad

They say this quaint little town by the Cauvery bears a curse upon it. Every year, tonnes of sand would blow in and bury the exquisite temples of the region. Exploring the myth behind the phenomenon

A Hotel for Change

11 Dalit girls who were doing menial jobs are now part of the hospitality staff of a converted palace


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