Jigna Vora vs Mumbai Police

Haima Deshpande

The police claim they have a case against this journalist. If so, they must prove it, not vilify and harass her

Not a Love Story

The making of this film so soon after the Grover murder is as macabre as the killing itself

The Man Who Knows Too Much

He is accused of having abducted and killed lawyer Jaleel Andrabi in Srinagar in 1996. He has also been named for the murder of at least a dozen other men. He fled the country, and was back in the news after his wife reported him for domestic violence in California in February this year. A court has ordered the Ministry of External Affairs to ensure his extradition, but no action is being taken. Speaking to Open, the Major says if his extradition is actually initiated, he will never be allowed to return alive, he knows too much and he will not keep quiet

The Abandoned Blood Trail

Traces of Hemraj’s blood were found on a pillow belonging to Krishna, Dr Rajesh Talwar’s compounder who lived nearby. Yet, the CBI chose to ignore this

Worse than a Daughter’s Death

A different view of the Aarushi murder case

Indian Serial Killers

Thug Behram, of the Thuggee clan, reportedly killed more than 900 people with his ceremonial cloth.

Stock Home of Murder

The Swedes actually have crime writing workshops teaching the rules of a good murder. And they’re coming to India to pass on some tips.

Portrait of a City

Restless, fevered even, and awash with the portend of impending doom, Theroux’s latest is difficult to put down or forget.

Murder Most Foul

Was the gruesome killing of historian Papiya Ghosh linked to the book she was working on? We may never know, but we can now at least read her book

A Taste for Death

A computer programmer decapitates his victims and takes away their thumbs. He is nabbed twice. Escapes twice. He is now on the loose. An extraordinary story pieced together from legal documents and interviews with the police and family members of his victims


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