The Killer Cops Who Refuse to Fade Away

Madhavankutty Pillai

A builder’s murder captured on camera serves as a reminder of what happens when encounter specialists run amuck

Murder 3

A dead plot and poor performances is all that this cut-price film offers

The Memory of Rape

I saw Shilpi Jain the morning of her rape and murder. I still carry the scar of that memory. We all do

The Man Who Faked His Murder

Software engineer Sreerag Subramanian was found dead, tied and gagged with duct tape, in his car. An open and shut case of murder. Or was it?

The Aarushi Case Files

Questions that continue to confound us

Dirty Rotten Murderers

Modern crime fiction seems to have caught up with the perversity of real-life violence. Gone are the days when the little grey cells were all that was important to a racy read

A Murder Analysed, A City Revealed

Journalist Meenal Baghel manages to make a thrilling read of one of the most over-reported crimes of our times, widening its scope to offer a portrait

A Dog’s Life

A murderer of dogs may have psychopathic tendencies, says an animal rights group

The Case of the One-Armed Murderer

A death sentence awarded to the rapist and murderer of a 23-year-old girl has evoked wild celebration in Kerala, a state known for its liberal leanings. What explains this bloodlust?

The New Criminal

Regular people with no history of crime are committing the most gruesome murders. What’s going on?


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