Asifa: The Anatomy of a Hate Crime

Rahul Pandita

The police chargesheet on the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Jammu reveals horrifying details of her last five days

In Hot Pursuit

What it took for a small team of the Mumbai Crime Branch to finally track down the killer of Pallavi Purkayastha in Kashmir

The Perfect Murder

A much abused genre in India is reaching a sense of literary maturity

The Maratha-Dalit Divide

Angry Marathas voice their anger against Dalits

The Faulty Genes’ Stupid Offspring

Why sons of politicians do not get away with murder unlike their parents

The Originality of Evil

The best of crime fiction tells us that murder is sometimes the solution to greater malevolence

Murder most old

A homicide dating back 430,000 years hints at the funerary practices of early man

Murder He Wrote

Sriram Raghavan, one of the most underrated filmmakers of our time, on why he likes to only tell stories of deceit, revenge and murder

The Perfect Mystery

A case that challenged India’s system of criminal justice


What makes neighbours murder and brutalise each other? The portrait of two warring groups in Muzaffarnagar, UP, illuminates the ancient question


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