Visitation of Disruption

Anil Dharker

This is Mumbai’s karma, and forever will it remain the same

Portrait of a Housing Society

….From a Covid-Triggered WhatsApp Group

Show Up or Face the Sack

A municipal corporation notice to its employees

The Deadly Four

Heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension and pneumonia in the city

Mumbai: Breathless

With 10,000 cases and no sign of the curve flattening, Mumbai is struggling to win the battle against the pandemic

When History Stands Still

Consolations from the trauma-ridden past of India

Adding two and two together

The gathering outside Bandra Railway Terminus

Covid-19: Testing Times

The problem with the change in strategy of not testing people without symptoms in Mumbai

Covid-19: Xenophobia and Tolerance in Andheri

Dispatch from a Mumbai Covid-19 hotspot


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