Mughal Empire

A Curry in Time

Ira Mukhoty

There is no single, pure Indian way of cooking and eating

Crimson City

To follow in the footsteps of real and imagined characters in Old Delhi is to discover its cosmopolitan nature

Akbarnama: Peace with All

The Akbarnama continues to be relevant not because it valorises one man but rather because it echoes the tenet of unity in diversity

The Diplomat Doctor

The Venetian who chronicled the Mughal Empire

Freedom through Bhakti

The aesthetics of Indian politics VI

The Garden of Ghalib

Scholars continue to chase the motives and metaphors of the poet

The Spice Route

What makes you enjoy your green chilli so much

From Agra to Moscow: The Baburnama’s long journey to Russia

While Russia’s State Museum of Oriental Art displays its impressive collection of Baburnama folios from the 1590s, Uzbekistan is happy to claim the legacy of the founder of the Mughal Empire

Sanskrit with a Persian Accent

It’s a language of the Muslim pasts too

The Sword And The Stylus

The Baburnama, one of the greatest memoirs in any language and of any age, is a testament to humanity in which the personal becomes universal


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