Did Men Cause Menopause?


It has evolved because of men’s preference to breed with younger women

The Darwinian Penile Code

What I am still learning about men

Why Women Outlive Men

Their immune system takes longer to age

Money and Men

The two share an under-evolved relationship

Men’s Rights in Meghalaya

The story of a men’s liberation movement

Fidelity Hormone

Researchers claim they have identified a hormone that keeps committed men from straying

The Minefield of the Past

…and various unwritten codes of dubious merit

The Problem of Plan B

How relationships get tricky when you always have a foot out of the door

She Needs Me, She Needs Me Not…

Dildos have their place in our midst but men aren’t becoming redundant yet

Marriage Drives Women to More Drinking

The study also finds that men drink less after marriage


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