A Pill in Time

Dr Ambrish Mithal

If you don’t take your medicines, they won’t work

Beyond Band-Aids

Why India’s medical system needs urgent reform

Carry on Doctor

A personal history of medicine

Beware the New Malignancy

Fraudulent advertising and patient gullibility can be a deadly combination

Diabetes: A Bitter Truth

Overseas studies show a low-calorie diet helps in reversing diabetes. India too needs to fund domestic research to combat its biggest health scourge

The Bittersweet Truth

Sugar substitutes can be as harmful as the real thing

Whose Herb Is It Anyway?

As India and China fight for ownership of the ancient practice of Sowa Rigpa, there is just one inconvenient fact. It belongs to Tibetans

The Politics of Pot

The legalisation of marijuana is still a far cry in India


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