A Brief History of the Other

Rahul Pandita

Attitudes of Indians towards the Northeast are influenced by those of the State

Case No. 1

Azad Khan was 12 years old when he was shot in Manipur, allegedly for being an insurgent. A Commission appointed by the Supreme Court has ruled this was one of six extra judicial killings

The Child Soldiers of Manipur

Underage ‘insurgents’: tales of coercion and courage

The Day ‘Caman-do’ Took Away a Little Girl

In Manipur, the police and Assam Rifles took an 11-year-old into custody to pressure her parents, suspected separatists, to surrender

Cry, Beloved Manipur

With yet another imminent economic blockade, the alienation of Manipur looks complete

The Princess of Arts

The youngest daughter of Maharaja Sir Churachand Singh of Manipur, Binodini Devi, was a feisty beauty who authored the first recognised Manipuri short story, wrote the script for a film that won the Grand Prix at Cannes, and took Manipuri dance to the world. Yet astonishingly little survives of her work on record

No Cause for Cheer

Nagaland-based Naga Students’ Federation’s temporary withdrawal of the over two-month blockade of Manipur’s lifeline, NH39, on the Nagaland stretch, is of little relief.

Highway to Miseries

Manipur today is a state under siege, its economy battered. And the current economic blockade by Nagas of NH 39, the state’s lifeline, is pushing its citizens on the verge of starvation.

India This Week

A Chinese Takeaway in Madhya Pradesh; Hooda’s Dalit Sympathy Overdrive; Who’ll Come to Beseiged Manipur’s Aid? Shooting the Messenger

Kannada Tunes, from Manipur

A BPO executive from the Northeast is crooning his way into the classical scene down South.


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