Madhya Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi: A Challenger Is Born

PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP

Rahul Gandhi shows he has what it takes

Election Diary

The BJP will bounce back from this setback

Rahul’s Day

The Congress president has written a great revival story

Defenders of the Faith

No election can remain local when Modi is still the only argument that concentrates the mind of India

Madhya Pradesh: The Reckoning

As Shivraj Singh Chouhan faces his toughest election yet, it would take an especially incompetent Congress to squander its chance

Which Way Will Behenji Go?

For now, Mayawati has decided to ditch the Congress in assembly elections for three states. But her 2019 plan is under wraps

The Right Honourable Holy Cow

The senselessness of a ministry for one animal in Madhya Pradesh

Cambridge Analytica: The Foreign Hand

A proposal by the tainted Cambridge Analytica details how it can revive the Congress

Anger Management

The Government will have to balance the tide of agrarian unrest and manage its finances

Fire on the Farm

Agricultural loan waivers may buy some political space but they make for poor economics


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