Madhuri Dixit

Pushing the Envelope

Kaveree Bamzai

Indian films have tried to crack the Oscar enigma, without any luck

Open Secret

Madhuri Dixit in her renewed phase as streaming siren

Madhuri Dixit: The Return of the Queen

Madhuri Dixit set the template for the modern-day heroine in Bollywood and now she is back to challenge it in a new series that casts her as an ageing diva

Madhuri Dixit: Now Streaming

A remake of the French show Call My Agent!

Dixit Can Fix It

Madhuri will play an exaggerated version of herself after a long break from the spotlight

Creative Exchanges

A Fanboy Moment | The Issue of Trust


Status Update | Every Actor’s Bugbear

Total Dhamaal Movie Review

The movie is a lightweight project, with a few heavyweight actors, that takes off in fits and starts

The Adamant Superstar

Letting Bygones Be Bygones | Vanity Affair

The Prospect of a New Beginning

Mythology Beats Biopic | The Limelight Hog


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