Lionel Messi

The Pursuit of Greatness

It makes some of politics’ most engrossing stories

Messi, Football’s Picasso, Paints his Guernica in Lusail Stadium

He has always been a better player than most of his illustrious predecessors. With his stunning farewell, the Argentine captain elevates himself to the status of legends Pele and Maradona

Culture War In Qatar

It has won despite losing the opening match

Chasing the Golden Sunset

Messi and Ronaldo take a final stab at crafting their legacies

Cry Barcelona

Football’s biggest star decides to part ways with the club that he defined

Sunil Chhetri: Fast Forward

The star of Indian football has long been on song, for club and country

Simon Kuper: “It is almost impossible for India to stay as bad as it is in footballl”

Ullekh NP in Open conversation with Simon Kuper, author and columnist

Messi In Malappuram

The World Cup in Kerala is an emotional thriller and an intimate parody

Two Stars and a Constellation

In the end, it’s all about two geniuses and one superteam. Nothing else


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