Wrong on the Right

Thomas Jackson

Discovering the Hindu way of a liberal life

Everything Has Changed

Modi is the change India is yet to comprehend fully

The Temptations and Tantalisations of Politics

Politics today, as a genre in creativity, is as good as the original works in other realms of the human mind, be it fiction or philosophy

Can the Right Be Liberal?

A moment of reckoning in Indian politics

Reclaiming Liberalism from the Wilderness

The history of populism shows that such movements often attack conventional wisdom on liberal and conservative norms of governance

David Goodhart

‘I have a clearer eye for the limits and contradictions of modern liberalism and its arrogance.’

The French Resolution

Europe may avoid a nervous breakdown as a neophyte globalist is likely to win the Elysee Palace in the final round. But how long can France resist the populist?

Islam and Liberals

Islam and the trouble with liberal apologists


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