The Left-liberal Bias

Virendra Kapoor

Of the Western media against the “pro-Hindu right wing” Government

The Mythology of Being

A civilisational mind. An Indophile. A scholar publisher. An unwavering liberal. A generous friend. Remembering Roberto Calasso

The Closing of the Muslim Mind

The shrinking liberal core of Indian Islam

Searching for a Revolution

Aditya Sudarshan captures the identity crisis of a city which once took pride in its liberalism

The Liberal Crack-Up

The historic blunder of not listening

Hail the Humanities

The importance of a well-rounded education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Thought Police in Jaipur

And why the LitFest needs liberal middle-class support

No Balls, No Freedom

Those who speak for liberal values must also stand up and fight for them

Fellowship of the Beautiful People

The rewards and confusion of being a broadminded Indian


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