Inside the Millennial Kitchen

V Shoba

Easy fixes and ready-to-cook culinary aids are the flavour of the season

God’s Kitchen: Celestial Palate

A report from God’s kitchen explains how Lord Venkateshwara is fed

The Cook, the Chef and the Gender Gap

Let’s assume that skill in the kitchen is gender-neutral. If so, why is a man more likely than a woman to be taken seriously as a chef? It is perception that creates the illusion of a distinction between men and women in the kitchen

Confessions of an Amateur Cook

Experiments in the kitchen while reading Michael Pollan’s Cooked

Kitchen Confidential

Having spent three months snooping around a restaurant, Sohini Chattopadhyay reveals why even great recipes sometimes don’t make it to the menu, the food service industry’s unforgiving hierarchy, and other secrets

The Final Whistle

Can the unthinkable happen? Will Indians finally abandon the pressure cooker?

Confessions of a Chef

“Many people who have eaten Sanjeev Kapoor’s food aren’t impressed. But the man can rake in TRPs and sell books.”


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