Inspirational India

The result of India gaining its independence was that it signalled a widespread change in the attitude towards colonial rule

Beauty of the Beast

A ringside view of lions in their natural habitat at the Maasai Mara is a privilege that borders on the profound

Last Rhino Standing

The demise of Sudan could mean permanent extinction for the Northern White rhinoceros

View to a Kill

Looking for the big cat in Kenya’s less known wildlife parks

Life’s a Beach

Past the clichés of Kenya’s game parks and the Maasai, Mitali Saran finds herself in the charming, anachronistic four-car town of Lamu

An SUV Style Guide

What it takes to design an SUV: tens of thousands of sketches, 1,800 conversations noted on yellow Post-its, feedback from eight-year-olds, plus a trip to Kenya

The Dream Life

A Kenyan diplomat squeezes a few frugal minutes out of his apparently hectic first secretary’s life to talk about his India sojourn and the laid-back life back home


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