Katrina Kaif

Most Wanted Rajput

Rajeev Masand

Most Wanted Rajput • Salman’s Pay Cut • Too Big for His Shoes

Fast & Furious Hopefuls

Fast & Furious Hopefuls • Kat’s Problem with Stealth • Once MBAs Run the Show

Angry Young Man 2

Angry Young Man 2 • No Fear of the Paparazzi • Not a Swell Job

An Open Relationship

An Open Relationship • Blank Calendar • Waxing Vexation

Let’s Not Ask Her Screen Age

Let’s Not Ask Her Screen Age • Tears of Luck • To Act or Not To Act

New Beginnings with Old Friends

New Beginnings with Old Friends • Shall We Call Them Kat-Ran? • The Scream Part 5

The Kapoors’ Tragi-comedy

The Kapoors’ Tragi-comedy • Ajab Love, Ghazab Story • Party Hard, Punch Harder

Bonding over Bond

Bonding over Bond • Role Grabber • Desperate Comeback

Ranveer’s Uncertain Future

Ranveer’s Uncertain Future • Oops, He Spilt the Beans • Driven up the Wall

Mission Dhoom

Mission Dhoom • Heroine Wars • When ‘Good Friends’ Break up


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