How to Save a Sanctuary

Jay Mazoomdaar

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka has been notified as a tiger reserve. While this tag will fetch extra conservation funds for the sanctuary, it threatens to displace Soliga tribals from their ancestral habitat. New generations of Soligas may not be content with their forefathers’ way of life, but this forest will lose its soul without them. And India will lose one of its best opportunities to try out a model of coexistence between wildlife and eco-sensitive people

Governor Needs Scrutiny

HR Bhardwaj’s decision may well be the right one, but his methods set an unfortunate precedent

BJP’s Catch-22

The BJP has succumbed to pressure and let Yeddyurappa stay.

Man Who Can’t Stay Aloof

Bhardwaj: Karnataka Governor, Congress headache

Of the BJP, by the BJP

The politics of pelf returns to haunt Karnataka’s ruling party

Out of Africa

A large number of African-Indians competed in sports to celebrate an African-American president’s first anniversary.

The Bellary Alarum

The BJP is riven again as the Reddy brothers bay for the head of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. Earthy interests lie at the heart of their rebellion

Floods of Fury

The governments of deluged Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have been hurling blame around. Thankfully, there were actual rescuers at work too.

Heavy Hitters

Karnataka Premier League is drawing big money. What’s the game?

No Country for Statues

A Tamil poet’s statue has unwittingly become a symbol of the rising acrimony between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu


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