Welfare Without Populism

PR Ramesh

The Modi government resists economic appeasement even as Opposition-ruled states revel in it

Paying the Price

The Congress government in Karnataka hikes borrowing and excise duty and slashes capital expenditure to fund its five poll guarantees

Rahul’s Hard-Left Gamble

Is Congress misreading the national mood?

Freebies Fetish

Every time the Indian economy seems capable of sustaining high growth, welfare populism makes a comeback

Banning Bajrang Dal?

The hasty visits of Congress leaders to various Hanuman temples did indicate their concern about the ill-considered manifesto promise

The Problem of Plenty

With too many commitments and contenders, Karnataka’s Congress government has to get its balancing act right

Freebies to Lure Voters

The whole big bouquet of revadis, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls them, that the Karnataka Congress offered, does not seem to have surpassed anything that Kejriwal may have done thus far to get ahead in elections

Cong wins big in Karnataka as BJP ‘double engine’ stalls

Grass roots anger over price rise, factional frictions hurt BJP while Congress gains by exploiting incumbency and focussing on local discontent.

Power Is a Campaign

It takes a Modi to make a regional election a compelling argument for India


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