JNU row

The Rot in JNU

Makarand R Paranjape

A nation united and a university divided

BR Ambedkar: Slayer of All Gods

He challenges the illusions about power and democracy, wealth and violence, Hinduism and tradition, nationalism and justice, and about all that metaphysical cant. He is the mirror in which we dare not look at ourselves. His presence is a constant reminder of our bad conscience and bad faith

The Petition Raj of Leftist Intellectuals

JNU and other fallacies of professional dissenters

Kanhaiya Kumar: A Suitable Boy

The moribund opposition desperately needs an icon and Kanhaiya Kumar mouthing old radical slogans comes handy

India Between the Noise maker and the Conversationalist

Haunted rebels, nationalists on steroids, and a walk-and-talk man called Sri M

JNU: Dearth on the Campus

Have ideas abandoned student politics?

Let the Romance Linger

Nalini R Mohanty recalls a time when every 24 hours seemed to send the pulse of JNU racing to a revolutionary precipice

Where’s Modi’s Rajdharma?

Why the Gujarat political model is a bad idea for the entire nation

JNU: The Last Outpost

A portrait of JNU where revolution still rages in the minds of the street-fighting class

JNU and the Price of Sedition

The dangers of making seditionists out of comic-strip revolutionaries


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