The Future of Kashmiri Pandits

Rahul Pandita

Is there a life for them in the Valley?

The Khorasan Bug

The dismantling of an Islamic state module in Kashmir reveals how its handlers were planning to integrate recruitment across the Indian Subcontinent

Kashmir: The Battle for Turf

Pro-Pakistan terror groups in Kashmir are at war with pan-Islamic jihadi groups. Security agencies don’t know which way it will go

Range of the Radical

Two books explore the influence of Salafism

The Victim Politics

Politics driven by industrial victimhood is hollow

ISIS: The End of an Idea

The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria should not be an occasion for global complacency. Anchal Vohra reports from Najaf and Baghdad

Hauntings in Mosul

The dead and the missing in the ruins of this historical city merge into the larger narrative of the future of the Islamic State

Open Minds 2017: Editor’s Note

Yesterday's public intellectual, fallen from his ideological perch, is the new doomsday monger. In the new order, the loudest one is the least sensible

Islam and the Cult of Death

Jihadism and Terrorism in the age of the Islamic State


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