PR Ramesh

A section of the political class may not accept it but mounting radical resentment within the Indian Muslim community is a reality


The lone wolf has internalised the imperium, and when he pulls the trigger, or draws out the knife, or faces his executioner with the greatness of his god on his lips, he becomes a voluntary slave at this century’s most ambitious construction site of religion. The lone wolf has never been alone

The Jihadi Chic

The videotape jihad has been replaced by the YouTube jihad, and the geography of revolution has shifted from Afghanistan to Syria


The success of rampaging Islamist warriors in Iraq poses a new global threat

Whose Hostages?

A brilliant account of the 1995 kidnappings of six foreign nationals in Kashmir reveals shocking details of the involvement of the Indian State

“Terms like ‘holy war’ should not be tossed around”

When Roy writes, ‘The youth, in preparation to an attack, marked each venue by reading from their prayer books in an act most of us are familiar with as a precursor to a holy war or fight’, he comes close to demonising a community.

Pakistan’s General Problem

How Pakistan’s Generals turned the country into an international jihadi tourist resort

Gunless but Hungry

Unable to earn their livelihood, a number of former militants in Kashmir are contemplating rejoining the ‘Jihad’.

The Final Frontier

If 30 years of foreign policy could be rewound, Pakistan’s ‘jihad factory’ would not exist, says Alice Albinia


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