In the Name of the Mother

V Shoba

Kitsch and skulduggery in Chennai as the struggle for power and legacy pits the ambitious against the dutiful

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): The Ideal and the Icon

In Jaya’s Tamil Nadu, history and biography became one

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): The Last Mother

Always a winner. Even in her death

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): Farewell to an Icon

As Jayalalithaa was interred with state honours next to MGR and CN Annadurai and her life committed to the folds of history, her ups and downs in the mild cycle of electoral politics suddenly seemed inconsequential. She had left behind a legacy of welfare schemes, many of which will have to be upheld by governments to come.

An Unusual Kind of Sorrow

On the shades of grief in Tamil politics

O Panneerselvam: From Night Watchman to Captain

O Panneerselvam, famous for being loyal, emerges as Tamil Nadu’s chief minister

Amma is Not Well

A veil of mystery and panic descends over Tamil Nadu following speculation over Jayalalithaa’s health

Jayalalithaa vs Karunanidhi: Absentee Amma and the Scriptwriter

It’s epic kitsch all over again as Jayalalithaa meets Karunanidhi in the arena for what could be their last big battle. Open watches the preparations

After Bihar: Return of the Satrapies

Strong regional parties will continue to hold sway against the BJP

Feast Most Foul

Everyone wants to adopt Rajiv Gandhi’s killers


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