Convenient Histories

TCA Raghavan

Pandemic or not, the past is prologue

Arabian Knights and Nightmare

The purge in Riyadh and the deepening Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran

ISIS: The End of an Idea

The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria should not be an occasion for global complacency. Anchal Vohra reports from Najaf and Baghdad

Politics on a Pedestal

A deconstruction of the statue culture

Hauntings in Mosul

The dead and the missing in the ruins of this historical city merge into the larger narrative of the future of the Islamic State

The Case of a Reverse Oil Shock

Has OPEC been rendered a relic of the past? Saudi oil price aggression suggests so, but tensions in the Middle East could flare up

The Rise of Ideological Jihadists

And why India should be really worried

Bring back some imperialism please

Political Islam triumphs because freedom is an idea that no longer appeals to leaders of the so-called free world


The success of rampaging Islamist warriors in Iraq poses a new global threat

The Lies of Nations

Nuclear haves and have-nots are blinkered hypocrites in this memoir of former IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei


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