Mukund Mohan

Why investors are rushing to Bangalore to get a piece of the tech startup action even amid talk of a 1999-like crisis

Net Neutrality: The net worth of freedom

Telecom companies can’t be allowed to own the internet


The Supreme Court has killed a law that allowed the Government to control social media. What’s the Net worth of freedom hereafter?

Memory vs Forgetting

Archives, impersonal and official, come to life thanks to new technology and the efforts of a few dedicated men and women

The Deep Web

The seamy side of the internet that you dare not explore

Single and Surfing

It looks the same, clicks the same and links the same. You even encounter the same sort of weirdos. But there are huge differences between online dating in India and the West

Friends with Benefits

People with chronic health conditions are increasingly turning to health networking sites for emotional support

A Ludicrous Ban

The bizarre ways in which the Internet is regulated in 21st century India

The World Wild Web

And a government that thinks it can discipline it by cracking a whip

‘Unfriending’ Kapil Sibal

This government seems to be working overtime to prove that it does not think its decisions through


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