A Block on the Information Highway

Madhavankutty Pillai

The Government shoots itself in the foot with the RTI amendment

The Power of Pursuit

Making a case for the Right to Information and the fight for accountable governance

Call centre: Mock, Mock! Who’s Calling?

The ironies of outsourcing and the aspirations of an individual working at a call centre

Mails to Myself

The diary of an information addict

Pavlovian Slumber

A new study indicates that people can absorb new information while asleep

Your Computer Is Bugged

Every click of yours is quietly being watched. Worse, you are slowly being pushed into an information ghetto

Confessions of a Police Informer

“If I stop giving information, the police threaten to squeal on me to those I’d tipped about before. I’m not doing a national service. I am an informer out of fear”


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