Indian history

Bipin Chandra Pal: You Wanted Magic, I Tried to Give You Logic

Sudeep Paul

In pursuit of a forgotten nationalist and fading memories of East Bengal

Doshipura: A Graveyard of Justice

What lies beneath the never-ending Shia-Sunni dispute in Doshipura

VO Chidambaram: The Romance of Resistance

Tracing the legacy of VO Chidambaram Pillai in Tuticorin

Ponduru: The Life Charkha

A village in Andhra Pradesh produces the most exquisite hand-spun khadi in India. Tradition demands a higher price from the spinners

The Last Remains of Khilafat

How a house and a committee in Mumbai continue to be testament to a hundred-year-old agitation

Vakkom Moulavi: My Grandfather, the Rebel

The Moulavi who defied the orthodoxies of politics and religion

The Queen’s Speech

Redeeming history from men who mythify other men

An Inspiration and a Journey

It's complicated: India's Experiments with the ideal

Good Morning Kashmir

Correction and redemption in the sudden death of Article 370


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