Indian history

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Nanditha Krishna

Rama’s memory lives on because of his extraordinary life and persona

Honouring Jadunath Sarkar

India’s foremost archivist-historian was a complete fusspot when it came to details

The Limited Past

The number of allusions to ancient India in the Budget and Economic Survey notwithstanding, if you were not a king, there is really no question any Indian would much rather live in the present financial system

The Colony Writes Back

A magisterial rejoinder to the empire and its apologists

Bharat’s Ratnas

The problem with my Savarkar versus your Gandhi

Archbishop of Canterbury: Taking a Stand by Falling Flat

Justin Portal Welby’s actions in Jallianwala Bagh must spur his sphere of influence to go beyond pulpit pontifications

When Edwina Missed India and Nehru

The many loves of the Mountbattens

The Big Little Stories

Manu S Pillai chronicles historical characters against the amnesia of time

Still Waking Up To Kesari

The newspaper that Lokmanya Tilak edited is still brought out by his great-grandson. The struggle goes on

Bipin Chandra Pal: You Wanted Magic, I Tried to Give You Logic

In pursuit of a forgotten nationalist and fading memories of East Bengal


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