Indian art

The Good Orientalists

Zareer Masani

India would be a poorer place without the work of British archaeologists

BN Goswamy: ‘One feels as though he was con versing with gods’

The renowned art historian BN Goswamy in his new book brings to life the controversial 18th century artist Manaku

Bonsai Gone Wild

Curatorial noise overwhelms this ambitious exhibition spanning more than eight decades of creative renderings

Mahendra’s Magic

The Mahabalipuram rock reliefs and sculptures are extraordinary creations by the third monarch of the Pallava dynasty, and in these masterpieces merge the sensuous and the satirical, the human and the divine in timeless harmony

Tasneem Zakaria Mehta: The Revivalist

How Tasneem Zakaria Mehta transformed Mumbai’s Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum into one of the country’s most buzzy and contemporary spaces for Indian art

Resisting the Brush Off

Incensed by the media’s indifference to Indian art, Satish Naik began publishing his own magazine, one whose articles are often seen as works of art in themselves

India’ First Art Nursery

As India’s most iconic art gallery turns 60, the story of how it shaped and reshaped Indian art

Clouds and Multiple Perspectives

Jehangir Sabavala will be remembered for bringing Cubism to Indian art

State of the Art

Legendary collector Charles Saatchi has his eye on Indian art and the result is a mega show featuring 26 Indian artists in London.

Where’s All the Money Gone?

The art mart has crashed. Only conspiracy theories and blame have survived


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