Imran Khan

Modi Hits America

James Astill

And Trump hugs him back...

Kashmir: Beware the Street

And that’s what Pakistan is hoping for

The Banality of Change

The Punjab assembly says all about Pakistan’s fate

Goodbye to Paper

Foreign Interest | Nitish’s Dilemma | Kashmir Hardline | No Ball | Article 355, not 356

The New China-Pak Axis of Evil

China’s shielding of Pakistani terror is integral to its India-containment strategy

The Last and Lost War of Pakistan

Pulwama borrows from a history of deception and subversion

All Praise for Gully Boy

Katrina Saves the Day | A Double-Edged Sword

Navjot Singh Sidhu: The Performer Unmasked

Navjot Singh Sidhu strikes a chord with the masses, but at a political cost


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