‘All Aadhaar-enabled services are prone to cyber attacks’

Prof Sandeep Shukla speaks to Open on a range of issues related to cyber security

Drones: Vipul Singh, 26 Co-Founder, Aarav Unmanned System

“When you are venturing into an emerging market, it is important to dedicate time to creating awareness”

Can You Do It?

Today it is all about skill development

The New IITian

How a changing India is re-engineering the DNA of its fabled nerd: a little too fast for some and much too slowly for others

The End of Education

Welcome to Kota, the site of a terrifying social experiment. It’s a coaching culture that gets students into IIT, but leaves them uneducated

The Write Stuff from IIT and IIM

Move over Chetan Bhagat. There is a new crop of BEs and MBAs churning out fiction, and not just about life at the IITs and IIMs.

Uncivil Engineer

3 Idiots’ portrayal of the IIT education system is both grossly unfair and untrue.


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