Hrithik Roshan

Kangana Ranaut: Her Own Woman

Kaveree Bamzai

She is the permanent outsider who can play the game better than others

Where There Is Taimur…

No Comment | Big Catch?

Star Chemistry

Fortune Cookie | Curtain Eraser

My Hero Hrithik

An actor beyond his body of work Super 30 will take Hrithik Roshan beyond his persona and superstardom and gorgeous eyes and terrific body and superhuman stunts and heavenly dance, and finally make him the actor he has had the potential to be beyond the stereotypical swagger

A Mentor like No Other

New Peaks to Conquer | No Reward for Loyalty

Cellulose Cinema as a Lost Cause

Tiger Burns Bright | No Patch-Up Here

The Number Game: A Bollywood Drama

Featuring actors, private investigators and a celebrity lawyer

Don’t Write Her off Yet

A Family That Sticks Together | Nothing Unreasonable About It

The Claws Are Still Out

Slaying the Troll | What Happens in the Waiting Room

Fans Come First for Ranveer

Worth a Second Chance? | No Penny-Pinching Here


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