Living: Geetansh Bamania, 27, Co-Founder Rentomojo

Haima Deshpande

“People are very fixated on ownership. We are giving them a smarter option”

Life in the Housing Bubble

Alarm bells should ring when the IMF says that housing prices in India have fallen by 9 per cent

The Campa Cola syndrome

Empathy for illegal flat owners and disdain for illegal slumdwellers

Hypocrisy Over Housing

Houses for former mill workers on mill land is a popular election issue. Why do politicians keep raising it even though the workers themselves have moved on?

Going… Going… Still Going

Thanks to the economic downturn, Indians who’ve always dreamt of a fancy residence in London can get one cheap. Even Lakshmi Mittal has one on offer.

Plotting Our Urban Future

For the first time in human history, more people live in urban spaces than in rural. But confronted by ecological and other civic challenges, our cities will have to adapt dramatically. What might they look like in time to come?


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