Rickshaw with a Bed

Aanchal Bansal

St Stephen’s College students design a cycle rickshaw that doubles up as a home

A Snatched Home

The diary of an Afghan who fled his country after being accused of spying against the Italian forces posted there

Home is Where…

...there’s work. Santoshi, a construction worker, keeps home amid half-built houses, a new one every year

The Anonymity Effect

If you look past its author’s name and ‘Nobel prize winner’ appellation, Home is a taut read with a jazzy rhythm—till you reach a revelation that makes you squirm

Take Me Home

The sadness, confusion and fear one felt as a young child never does go away, realised Saaz Aggarwal as she walked the corridors of the boarding school that was once her ‘home’

Malgudi Daze

RK Narayan’s house in Mysore is nearly demolished

Somalia’s Nowhere People

They have been let into the country but do not have permission to make a living here

What Might Have Been Home

…and how returning to it was, after all, just another journey

Of Home and Belonging

For a while now, a clutch of Indian photographers has been grasping at the idea of ‘home’. What their gaze alights on is not even always a physical space

Confessions of a Housing Agent

“Providing accommodation to students from the Northeast is often difficult. Landlords do not want to rent flats to them”


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