Refuelling Motown

Adam Molner

The world’s once mighty car hub is now a rusty relic. A desperate Detroit is wooing Hollywood and turning to agriculture for survival.

Sherlock Holmes

Don’t listen to the purists. Have some fun on the side by spotting the liberties Ritchie takes with Doyle’s characters.


Politically correct it is. And the references are a bit obvious. But watch it for the palette and the 3D experience.

Three Men in a Theatre

The astonishing story of three young men who got addicted to Hollywood in the late 1940s and could not give it up as they slowly became old men and the world around them changed.

Twilight: New Moon

A hot male vampire is beset by teen girls with raging hormones. How does he not bite the one he loves?

Secret of an Honest Disaster Movie

2012 is a great disaster movie because it does not try to appease women.

Julie and Julia

But for the sumptuous cooking and fine acting by Meryl Streep, this film is a little too cute for comfort.

Why Hollywood Should Watch TV

If top TV programming in the US has the smarts to survive the tyranny of the remote control, it must be sharp.

Quentin Tarantino

In recent years, Tarantino has used his Hollywood clout to promote smaller films.

What Just Happened

Another movie about movie makers. And another mindless role for Robert De Niro. Skip it, stick to IPL


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