Heard That

Madhavankutty Pillai

The momentary rewards and eventual pitfalls of chasing social currency

Will Smith: Slapstick Star

The actor lost his cool at the moment of his greatest victory

William Hurt (1950-2022): Always In Character

The Oscar-winning actor was best assaying roles that had a touch of darkness in them

The Godfather at Fifty

The Godfather embodies the American dream, which is not merely about money and the immigrant making it big, but also keeping the family together while doing so

The Meaningful Life

What everyone can learn from Clint Eastwood about growing old

From India with a Dream

Desi actors of another era who had made it big in Hollywood

Asif Kapadia: Biographer of the Outsider

Asif Kapadia, the director who reinvented the documentary, brings his prodigious talent to two new nonfiction series and a haunting mini-series


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