Little Richard (1932-2020): The King and Queen

Unapologetically Black and queer, he set the terms for a new genre

Hugh Jackman: ‘The one thing that I do now is meditation’

Hugh Jackman in conversation with Noel de Souza

Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘Human Beings Are Messy’

Jamie Lee Curtis in conversation with Noel de Souza

‘Alcoholism Is a Disease,’ says Ben Affleck

Noel de Souza in conversation with Ben Affleck

No Passage to India

At least one major Hollywood star who was expected to visit India earlier this week had to cancel his trip in light of the global pandemic

Joanna Rakoff: ‘You want the movie to be more like a poem and less like a novel’

Joanna Rakoff speaks to Rajeev Masand about watching her memoir My Salinger Year on screen and the decision to never show JD Salinger

Harvey Weinstein: J’Accuse

The verdict on the Hollywood predator reflects a new cultural understanding of the nature of sexual assault and the idea of consent


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