The Discrimination

Madhavankutty Pillai

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, which excludes only Muslims, is an affront to the idea of India

A Coat of Many Colours

The contribution of Hindus to the arts and crafts of Sindh before Partition

Kavita Puri: Breaking the Silence

Kavita Puri chronicles the lives of migrants caught in double displacement

Clash at the Confluence

The two ideas of Prayagraj


A crematorium experience, a road trip and a social media wish

Mumbai Notebook

The city's big celebration and Nandita Das' new film

The India of Mohan Bhagwat

RSS gives a Hindu definition to unity-in-diversity

The Untold History of Hampi

The footprints of Hindu-Muslim hybridity defy the received wisdom on the fall of Vijayanagara

Wrong on the Right

Discovering the Hindu way of a liberal life

Who’s Afraid of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

Let him not divide India further


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