Hindu temples

Who Is a Hindu?

Nanditha Krishna

Attacking without understanding

BB Lal (1921-2022): The Man Who Turned the Past

He provided the archaeological legitimacy for a Ram temple in Ayodhya

Hindu plea on Gyanvapi maintainable, says Varanasi Court

Litigants sought access to the Shringar Gauri shrine, Anjuman Committee opposed the plea

Aurangzeb: The Emperor of Counter-Reformation

Dara Shikoh’s defeat was a turning point in history as the concept of an inclusive India yielded to the supremacy of Islam. The consequences of the decisive battle of Samugarh were felt for more than three centuries despite the Mughal empire’s rapid disintegration under the weight of his victorious brother’s bigotry

The Other Kashis

From Mumbai to Tamil Nadu to the Himalayas, soaking in the numerous avatars of the spiritual heart of India

It’s God’s Gold, Sorry

No government has the right to take away what’s given to the deity

Kanchipuram: The City of a Thousand Temples

Why Kanchipuram deserves World Heritage status

Redefining India

An open civilisation rejecting old monolithic constructs

Batty and Better

The pandemic may have given them a bad name but bats are worthy of worship in Tamil Nadu

Sabarimala: A Trek Too Far

How women who tried to go to Sabarimala after the Supreme Court judgment were forced to return by devotees who used children as shields


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